Photo by Denise Yui

COBALTO is the intersection of the works of two graduated architects, and artisans by nature, permeating graphics, materials and digital experiments, and fortunately we now constitute two points that generate a direct link between two great cities of the American continent, New York and São Paulo, and we seek to enrich our references and viewpoints with that connection.

We've met during graduation in 2006, and since then we keep this sincere friendship, sharing our old and new references, whether aesthetic, intellectual or musical, and also feelings and life anxieties. We are constantly looking for joint projects, but always respecting each individual work in order to make it a continuously positive relationship.

In our shop we'll be always dedicating our best to offer you the variety of our works, from autoral prints to handmade objects! We are fully available to answer your questions and make new friends, so, feel at ease to say Hi!

Sandra Jávera + Priscila Menegasso


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